DIY Closet to Entry Bench

Furniture redos 03.23.16
First impressions are everything and hollow core bi-folding doors are not the feeling I was after for the first impression upon entering my home. Removing the closet doors and building a custom bench complete with drawers, baskets, and hooks for a beautiful, comfortable and functional space was the perfect solution. Visit my blog for more details on this and many other home projects!

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  • Linda@nothingbutblueskyes
    So creative and what a way to make your closet totally functional! Love it.
  • Margaret Welker
    Margaret Welker Angleton, TX
    Now I wish I had an entry closet to transform.Very creative and does look so much better than the boring bifold doors. Will did good.
  • Redoux Interiors
    Redoux Interiors Brentwood, CA
    I have a closet I want to to this too. Definitely on my list. Thanks for sharing!
  • Janet Greco Kelly
    Janet Greco Kelly New River, AZ
    Love it! Your very creative!
  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Charlotte, TN
    Brilliant and so professional-looking! Where do the guest coats go, now that the closet is gone?
Kandi and Rebekah