Which Paint is better? BEHR or Sherwin Williams?

Having the interior of my house painted and wanted to get input for whether there is a difference in quality of paints. is BEHR paint better then Sherwin Williams paint? I care that it is durable and easy to clean. I'm sure my grandson will have us cleannig and "touching up" sporadically.
  • Jeanette S
    Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Funny, we too had trouble with that EXPENSIVE one coat mess! And we have used water based kilz as a primer for years and then just one good coat of paint...using Behr! I have no idea how anyone could have trouble with it? But then prep is the thing.
  • Jim G
    Jim G Suffolk, VA
    OK, FYI ONLY: We used Sherwin Williams for interior (Family Room, large Foyer, Kitchen and it rolls to stairways and upstairs hallways). For Master Bedroom, because the painters did such a great job, we had a different color, so we ran to LOWES and
  • Jim G
    Jim G Suffolk, VA
    BTW: Sherwin Williams folks at 2 different stores (closest didn't have Ultra Deluxe-Eggshell, but helped anyway and were great, BOTH stores were great to work with!
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    SW all the way...as far as primer goes stick with the "problock" the newer stuff is not nearly as nice. With a good primer base I have found I can get by with one good coat of the duration.
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    All of them give you what you pay for.

    Basically, big box store paint is marketed for the homeowner to buy, which I would be afraid to let my brush touch

  • Jim G
    Jim G Suffolk, VA
    @ Peace: Thanks. have a few of similar comments. Question please for ANYONE: Why is that the LOWES/HomeDepot Valspar/BEHR paint is not considered quality? --Rationale for me asking..... I've used Valspar in my house in Maryland in all rooms and
  • Donna R
    Donna R Lumberton, TX
    As KMS wrote, you can get by with one coat, especially with Duration. The HGTV paint they sell is not that great but we have used it on ceilings. I guess you could put it like this: If you had a disease, would you want to go to a doctor who treated
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Clearly Donna, go to paint store for paint, that's all they do.

    One reason Behr has been successful with homeowners is because of its claim of being #1 in Consumer Reports. But, CR has

  • Jim G
    Jim G Suffolk, VA
    @ Peace: and for me, SW cost is practically the same and rationale is the painter gets his discount so for me, cost is not a factor. Appreciate the note for exterior for long lasting, we absolutely will do that!
    • Brian Fulton
      Jim G Higher price is not always the best. Behr has a exterior paint that is Dirt and Fade resiant and is only running about $47 a gallon when at SW what they have they claim to
  • LandlightS
    LandlightS Roswell, GA
    Charles....think back about 10 years or more when HD featured "Atlanta's Finest" private label made for them by Gliddens. I was like watered down milk, and their claim of "one coat coverage" required about 3 coats. Behr, as I remember was a decent
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    'Atlanta's Finest' and 'Sear's Best' paint must have been cousins.
  • Brian Fulton
    It was America's Finest and that stuff is horrible. Behr may be exclusive to Home Depot, but it is made by Behr, and was around long before Home Depot was.
  • Jeri
    Jeri Lebanon, PA
    I have always used SW........................had great successes and love it's durability.
  • D. Morris
    D. Morris Pittsburgh, PA
    Behr is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Grants Painting
    Grants Painting Indianapolis, IN
    SW is better than Behr. But so it just about every paint manufacturer. Behr spends their money on advertising not R&D or buying better ingredients. Use SW Cashmere or PPG Silkin Touch(slightly higher gloss)
Jim G