Which Paint is better? BEHR or Sherwin Williams?

5 days ago
Having the interior of my house painted and wanted to get input for whether there is a difference in quality of paints. is BEHR paint better then Sherwin Williams paint? I care that it is durable and easy to clean. I'm sure my grandson will have us cleannig and "touching up" sporadically.
  • Jeri
    Jeri Lebanon, PA
    I have always used SW........................had great successes and love it's durability.
  • D. Morris
    D. Morris Pittsburgh, PA
    Behr is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Grants Painting
    Grants Painting Indianapolis, IN
    SW is better than Behr. But so it just about every paint manufacturer. Behr spends their money on advertising not R&D or buying better ingredients. Use SW Cashmere or PPG Silkin Touch(slightly higher gloss)
  • Kristine
    Kristine Silverado, CA
    I can only swear by Behr Ultra (that's the one with the primer already mixed in). It's expensive, upwards of $40 a gallon. But I'll never use another brand again. I painted our entire chicken run in three colors of Behr Ultra. ONE COAT. No additional
    • B. enne
      b. enne Canada
      Kristine no problem whatsoever! :) I appreciated your input! Like I responded to JIm, it is great to get real, undoctored reviews.
  • B. enne
    b. enne Canada
    I've had more luck with durability with SW than Behr, but I still buy Behr because it is more convenient to find. But for hallways and trim, I would stick to SW.
Jim G