Which Paint is better? BEHR or Sherwin Williams?

Having the interior of my house painted and wanted to get input for whether there is a difference in quality of paints. is BEHR paint better then Sherwin Williams paint? I care that it is durable and easy to clean. I'm sure my grandson will have us cleannig and "touching up" sporadically.
  • Grants Painting
    Grants Painting Indianapolis, IN
    SW is better than Behr. But so it just about every paint manufacturer. Behr spends their money on advertising not R&D or buying better ingredients. Use SW Cashmere or PPG Silkin Touch(slightly higher gloss)
  • Kristine
    Kristine Silverado, CA
    I can only swear by Behr Ultra (that's the one with the primer already mixed in). It's expensive, upwards of $40 a gallon. But I'll never use another brand again. I painted our entire chicken run in three colors of Behr Ultra. ONE COAT. No additional
    • B. Enne
      B. Enne Canada
      Kristine no problem whatsoever! :) I appreciated your input! Like I responded to JIm, it is great to get real, undoctored reviews.
  • B. Enne
    B. Enne Canada
    I've had more luck with durability with SW than Behr, but I still buy Behr because it is more convenient to find. But for hallways and trim, I would stick to SW.
  • Dwight Perry
    It really depends...i mean how much different are today's paints...if your room looks good after being painted, then you'll swear the paint you used is the best. It's sorta like vodka lovers. Blindfold them and they can't tell the difference in brands.
Jim G