Art & Craft 08.20.15
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    Great space! I was doing a similar thing (making my sons' room into my craft room)…and then he decided to come home again for a while! LOL
  • Harriet
    Harriet Payson, UT
    Each idea should have directions, from whom ever summited them.
  • Adrianne Halford
    Adrianne Halford Pensacola, FL
    I created a craft room out of a large sun/florida room. Great natural light but limited wall space to hang stuff. Would like more wall shelves, Oh! and no closet space either so I really like your carpenter's bench. Thank you!
  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Inglewood, CA
    Every time we almost have a room for this, a kid moves back home...LOL
  • Sandra Crosbie
    What a brilliant idea. Your own woman cave. I to have an addiction to baskets boxes and crates.