Empty nested bedroom turned Craft Room

Over the years I have used every room in my house to paint, sand and stain everything from kitchen cabinets to furniture. When my youngest moved out on her own I was left with a lot of tears and a lot more room!! I bought a work bench from a local carpenter to use as my craft table. Bought shelf systems from Home Depot and split them up into multiple shelf systems. I use old apple crates and wire baskets for storage. It's such a fun space and I now have one room in my house where I know where everything is and I won't have an inch of sawdust on my dining room table. Please feel free to stop by my blog and see the entire post with a lot more pictures!


  • Stephanie
    Stephanie Westwego, LA
    i am still working on mine...its been about a month are so....love the pictures it gave me some wonderful ideas..i call it my mom cave.....yours are beautiful all of them
  • Beth Cole Byrne
    Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
    Very nice! Sigh. I'm getting there.
  • Yvette Gerace
    Yvette Gerace Warren, MI
    I wouldn't want to get anything like paint or sawdust on that beautiful rug in the room. Hopefully that was just for show and will be replace with something much ugly! LOL
  • Debbie Adair
    Debbie Adair Mira Loma, CA
    Great room, I just made my room my daughter and her family just bought a new house they were here for ay year now house is empty ans quite so made me a PLAYROOM.Used just what a had here no buget to use and its full I LOVE it.
  • Kathy Fleming
    Love this idea! I've been wanting to do this with one of our "empty" bedrooms.
  • Geraldine Vigus
    Geraldine Vigus Battle Creek, MI
    I love the curtains you hung in there
  • Nancy Malcom
    Nancy Malcom Gaston, SC
    I took a leaning ladder maybe off a bunkbed from thrift store, added cup hooks and wire baskets for my great do it yourself magazines
  • Tamara
    Tamara Northbrook, IL
    Nicely done! I love the Sharkey Grey In fact, I was going to use it but ended up using Heavy Goose. In several places. I do like your craft room very much and am in the process of working on one of the rooms in my basement for a craft room.
  • V Valencia
    V Valencia Downey, CA
    Isn't that the truth...having everything in one place! I find that it sometimes takes as long to find all my supplies as it does to do the project. Great job!
  • Amy Woods
    Amy Woods Cookeville, TN
    Very nice! I must admit, I am quite envious. Right now, we don't have room for this. Maybe someday!
  • Katie
    Katie Canada
    Great space! I was doing a similar thing (making my sons' room into my craft room)…and then he decided to come home again for a while! LOL
  • Harriet
    Harriet Payson, UT
    Each idea should have directions, from whom ever summited them.
  • Adrianne Halford
    Adrianne Halford Pensacola, FL
    I created a craft room out of a large sun/florida room. Great natural light but limited wall space to hang stuff. Would like more wall shelves, Oh! and no closet space either so I really like your carpenter's bench. Thank you!
  • Joy Smith
    Joy Smith Inglewood, CA
    Every time we almost have a room for this, a kid moves back home...LOL
  • Sandra Crosbie
    What a brilliant idea. Your own woman cave. I to have an addiction to baskets boxes and crates.