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A Wood/pallet Crafted Clock Coffee Table!

I had some plywood and pallets sitting there waiting for a project and I was needing a smaller scale coffee table so I decided to craft one of my own! A jigsaw, hammer nails , paint and stencils is all I used. Now I have a perfect size coffee table all for free
I decided to use the Roman style numbers
You are invited to come and see the steps of crafting this vintage style table at Sweet Tea N' Salty Air
A wrought iron fire pit base was used for the tables base
Lots of sanding to get that olden feeling

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  • Traci
    Traci Canada
    on Sep 30, 2014


  • Linda.babysitter
    on Aug 1, 2016

    Absolutely my style, love vintage. Just wish I hadn't thrown away my old fire owl base!,,

  • Kay42c
    7 days ago

    Beautiful..I love this idea! I can never throw anything away that I think has potential. It's a dainty version of a table I made from an old wooden cable spool. A much nicer size for the sitting room

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