Chalk Paint French China Hutch

I CAN DO THIS 05.04.15
I love to refinish furniture! I have a bunch in the garage and I have to STOP myself from getting more! I hate to see a sad piece of furniture that could have new life with just a little work.

I need a 12 step program......

  • Tina Schuman
    Tina Schuman Ellabell, GA
    Love this ! Great job...............I can not find any thrown away solid furniture around here....if I could, I would love something like this ♥
  • Elizabeth Stueber McClain
    I love the way you bring life back to furniture. Have no idea how to go about it. Would love to learn. Do you have a tutorial,
  • Kathleen Turner
    Kathleen Turner Quinton, AL
    you need a business to sell what you refinish...and lucky to have found a hobby that pays for itself!
  • Alana K
    Alana K Salem, UT
    Wow. Absolutely stunning!!!
  • Vera Moore Tribble
    Vera Moore Tribble Mount Hope, WV
    neglected old furniture, and old houses and churches make me sad,I love what you did with this,,It is lovely
  • Pat Fraking
    Pat Fraking Clarksburg, WV
    I agree with a couple of the other posters do not need a 12 step program, you need a store front...or an online store. Awesome job on these!
  • Barbara Bernard
    Barbara Bernard Kissimmee, FL
    Chalk painting is not pretty at all. You paint somethig old then beat it up to look old again UGH!
  • Barbara Bernard
    Barbara Bernard Kissimmee, FL
    I agree with Cathy from Arizona
  • Robin M
    Robin M Albany, OR
    This must like an addiction, but it is a beautiful piece...
  • Lisa Fortner
    Lisa Fortner Louisville, KY
    love it!!! You do awesome work. I haven't tried the chalk paint yet, one of these days!!! love the colors you used! be proud!
  • Jmedley43
    It is absolutely beautiful, I love to find ole furniture and work on it and then try and give it a new home, I have a shop where I sell ole furniture, but have not tried the paint yet ,but want to in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dixie Benezue Stine
    Thank goodness most people see this style for the beauty that it is. :)
  • Beth Cole Byrne
    Beth Cole Byrne Pittsford, NY
    I love it! Beautiful work.
  • Pookiebear_44144
    Pookiebear_44144 Cleveland, OH
    I love refinishing pieces too, it depends on your style I think as to how you refinish a piece. I have some that I have painted glossy black and some I have painted a muted red, and now am going to work on with this type of paint... it's just great to
  • Lorraine F
    Lorraine F Virginia Beach, VA
    Thanks to all! I love giving new life to pieces that have been discarded by others! I think this has enabled many younger folks (and some older ones too!) to be able to see an old, perhaps unattractive or damaged piece in a new light so that it once more
Lorraine F