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Old Fence Turned Into a Headboard

Last summer I found a free listing on Craigslist for a torn down fence. I snagged it and have used it for a TON of projects. I had the upholstered headboard piece, but it just needed a little something. It took me only one evening to chop up the old boards and install them to frame out the upholstered piece.

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  • N C
    N C Marshfield, MA

    I like the look. Did you make the upholstered part of the headboard?
    The lights look great. Did the wire covers come with the lamps or did you purchase separately.

    • Kim @ Too Much Time On My Hands

      @N C Yes I made the upholsered part with a piece of wood, batting, fabric, and a staple gun-super easy! The wire covers did come with the lamps and I found them at Home Depot.

  • Sue A
    Sue A De Forest, WI

    Too cool, Kim!!!

  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL

    Gorgeous, just fabulous. I can not afford the light..... but want one anyway.

  • Sharon Allman
    Sharon Allman Lucedale, MS

    Beautifully done! I really love this! My niece has some old sections of fence that she and her husband recently had to replace, and now it looks like she's going to loose a few to my 'cause'!! Thanks for sharing!

  • La Habra Fence Company

    This is just amazing! It would be better to make a headboard instead of purchasing. Great Inspiration.

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