DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

Mama Jo 09.10.15
All you need for this unique mat is: shelf liner, hot glue, a knife and 175 wine corks. If vino isn't your drink of choice, or you simply don't want to work through so many bottles, visit a few neighborhood restaurants. Many bars toss their wine corks at the end of the night and would be happy to save a few for you! Learn how to make it here:


  • Janet F
    Janet F Lodi, CA
    Heh Heh! I kind of wondered about that myself. I think I am going to experiment with using the type that is kind of foamlike stuff with an open weave. I guess it is considered shelf liner or maybe the stuff you put under rugs to keep them from sliding
  • Mariana Grohowski
    Mariana Grohowski Bowling Green, OH
    Is the shelf liner really the best material to use for the support? Any other ideas? I am a bit skeptical?
  • Tammy
    Tammy Sandusky, MI
    knew there was a reason for keeping them all
  • Janet F
    Janet F Lodi, CA
    Since we live in Lodi, CA the Zin Capital, it's pretty easy to get corks from wine bars or the wineries tasting rooms. You can buy them on eBay as well. My concern with this project is cutting the corks in half evenly. Anyone have any suggestions on an
  • Faye W
    Faye W Douglasville, GA
    This is really nice and eco friendly too.
  • Lake Orion, MI
    Wow! Great idea!!!
  • Betty B
    Betty B Cypress, TX
    Darn, hubby drinks wine out of a box! LOL - no corks!
  • Monica Koerperich
    Monica Koerperich Ocean Springs, MS
    I started laughing, 175 wine corks. LOL All that wine, no telling what my mat would look like when I got done, probably would'nt care either. LOL
  • Betsy
    Betsy Atlanta, GA
    Very cute! Great idea!
  • Julie F
    Julie F Hobe Sound, FL
    Been saving my corks...think I finally have enough to make!

    Thanks for posting

  • BrightNest
    BrightNest Denver, CO
    @JoAnn, remember that you can get corks from other sources (like your favorite restaurant). Please send us pictures of your completed mats to We'd love to see your projects!
  • Bobbie B
    Bobbie B Fairfield, OH
    very cute! I will have to get started on the wine!!
  • Brenda P
    Brenda P Gorham, ME
    Aha! A way to empty the "cork drawer" ! And if there are not enough, we're on it!
  • Cindy Humphrey
    Cindy Humphrey Fort Worth, TX
    I love the organic looks of this.
  • JoAnn Reeves
    JoAnn Reeves Anderson, SC
    I won't live long enough to get 175 corks But I may try

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