DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat

DIY Projects 12.08.15
All you need for this unique mat is: shelf liner, hot glue, a knife and 175 wine corks. If vino isn't your drink of choice, or you simply don't want to work through so many bottles, visit a few neighborhood restaurants. Many bars toss their wine corks at the end of the night and would be happy to save a few for you! Learn how to make it here:

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  • Dawn marie
    dawn marie Richmond, MN
    how would you clean it
  • Liliana Wells
    Liliana Wells Jackson, GA
    I love this idea. I would hate to throw away the many corks I have collected. But how do you clean the mat? Thanks
  • Jeanne Creel
    Jeanne Creel Tifton, GA
    Now this is a good idea to use up all those corks I have been saving.
  • Sodit151
    sodit151 Houston, TX
    Maybe add a comfy towel layer on top of the corks, that can be washed regularly.
  • Angelina
    angelina San Diego, CA
    Love it! Corks are water resistant, so just drop a towel after drying yourself. Soft on your feet and looks beautiful! Thanks!