About Jamie M


I love flowers. Bright happy colors are my faves. I have roses of all types. Day lilies, tiger lilies, iris, clematis and so much more that have taken over my acre and half yard. Coming home from work in the summer is such a joy. I work in the flowers until dark thirty drives me in the house. I love to eat good food in turn I like to cook. Sea food/cajun are my favorite foods. I have a pony and cart that I dont have time to drive. I also have a Quarter horse mare with a new foal, 1 Border Collie, 1 dropped off mutt named Dump and a West Highland Terrier and 10 chickens. Last but most important, I am a Christian.

Favorite area of home improvement:

Decorating my patio for summer is my current project underway. I use large pots with wave petunias for flowers and coleus for color and height. In Arkansas we are still dealing with the tassels shedding from the oak trees. What a challenge. I have already used 2 tanks of gas in the leaf blower.

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