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Decorative Funkins Pumpkins

Decorating with pumpkins is one of my favorite fall activities. There are so many things you can create. I shared some pumpkin ideas on the show last week. This one is definitely my favorite!
I filled a faux pumpkin (Funkins) with fall flowers. Then added some ribbon, feathers and a little skeleton for fun.
I used the Folk Art Chalk Paint to paint the pumpkin. This is the first time I have used this brand. It was a little thicker then I expected and took a little longer to dry. I do like the matte/rustic look it created.
The "Funkins" are really fun to work with. You can carve them like a real pumpkin, but without the mess. When decorating like this, you can save your design to set out again next fall!

To see more: http://thelindeetree.com/decorative-funkins-pumpkins/

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