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Gold Peacock Pumpkin

What is gold with blue glitter and feathers? A fall pumpkin of course! Why not have fun with some of your fall decor this year. Here is how to make a "Gold Peacock Pumpkin."
I found this papier-mâché type pumpkin at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. I added paint, glitter, and feathers to make it fun.
I spray painted it gold (originally it was the color of a paper bag.) I added craft wire to the top and curled it with my fingers to create pumpkin tendrils.
I coated the top with Mod Podge.
I coated the Mod Podge with heavy blue glitter.
I added the peacock feathers to the tendrils.
It is now sitting at my front door. I like a little spunk in traditional decor.

To see more: http://thelindeetree.com/decorative-funkins-pumpkins/

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