Master Suite Remodel Surprise

So the wife leaves for a 30 day African missions trip and I decide to tackle my first bedroom renovation project. Mind you I have done little projects here and there, but nothing of this magnitude. I was truly only going to repaint the room, but was quickly overcome by the desire to spruce it up a bit. As you can see by the before pictures it was “okay” compared to other rooms (whichever those might be) but still dark, aged and in need of help. I wanted something cozy, cottagey, resort like. I was stepping out in faith because my wife knew nothing about the project and I would not have her input. Shhhhh, it’s a secret. This would really test how much I think I know her.

Master bedroom and bath remodel using thrift store finds and re-purposed items. The first daunting task was to repaint all the wood trim to white and prime red walls. Then the walls were painted a light yellow to give the room some air. The windows were framed out entirely from recycled wood and the shutters are thrift store louver closet doors that were cut and reassembled to size. Same was done for the door leading to pool area. All frames used in the room for decor were thrift store finds that were repainted. The crates are from Michaels™ and were stained and decorated by, you guessed it thrift store finds. Lifted vanity off ground and gave legs. Used recycled wood and bead board

  • Megan V (Our Pinteresting Family)
    What a beautiful job you've done! She's one lucky lady. :)
  • Lygia
    Lygia Dallas, TX
    Fantastic! the bathroom is AMAZING! the dark wood countertops and blue walls, so great, not to mention using wooden hangers for wall art?! She's a lucky lady! If my husband ever gets on this site (doubt it :), "baby, feel free to take the initiative and
    • Virginia R
      Virginia R Jamestown, NY
      Lygia Blue walls and dark countertops were the before", I think.
    • Raya Sunshine
      Raya Sunshine Topeka, KS
      Virginia R The turquoise walls and wood counter are the "AFTER". He explains all that in the last paragraph in the description before all the pictures. (click the little blue dots) I wish he had listed the wall color too :/
  • Kate
    Kate Sammamish, WA
    Your bathroom remodel is amazing! I am very interested in more details on how you transformed the cabinets? I have similar basic cabinets in two bathrooms and our kitchen - I LOVE the detail you added and would love to try for the same. I see your basic
  • HoopHasIt
    HoopHasIt Dallas, TX
    I need one of you!! Great job. What is on the list next? Be sure and share when you do.
  • Sharon @ Lilikoi Joy
    Sharon @ Lilikoi Joy Mukilteo, WA
    I actually pinned this bathroom on Pinterest a couple weeks thinking it was exactly everything I wanted to do in mine. It is just amazing and so great to see it here! Fantastic job. I bet your wife LOVED it. What a wonderful surprise for her.
  • Jen R
    Jen R Lansing, MI
    Fabulous job. Would love to hear her reaction to the room!
  • Omar De Pablo
    Omar De Pablo Spring Hill, FL
    Needless to say she was very surprised. She just stared at me and then back at the room with dropped jaw. Didn't really hit her until the next morning. She says its like being at a spa all the time. LOL...mission accomplished.
  • Sharron W
    Sharron W Memphis, TN
    That is awesome! I guess that's the reaction you were looking for...LOL Thanks for letting us know....
  • Sharon @ mrs. hines class
    You did a great job! The room looks beautiful and I love what you did to the bathroom.
  • Patricia Morse
    Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    Wow! What a wonderful surprise for your wife! She must have been ecstatic! I love it all, and since I have very similar furniture in my bedroom, and the same color walls, I hope you don't mind that I copy a bit! I love the orange throw.... it gives the
  • Patricia Morse
    Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    BTW, just wondered.... how old are you? You sure have talent in design!. I might just suggest an orange vase or orange flowers in the bath, if that's the master bath. It would give that room the same kind of "pop" the bedroom has! Fantastic job! No doubt
  • Julie Wickham
    Julie Wickham Australia
    I am impressed!!! WOW She will LOVE it! :) well done to you for achieving it, but even more congrats to you for even thinking of doing it for your wife!
  • Barbara Thomas
    Barbara Thomas Cincinnati, OH
    I love your design changes! You have a gift for design. One of the best parts was how the bed linens and wall color changed the tired look. Bathroom is fabulous! What a lucky wife to have someone care this much~
  • Brittany Marcinko
    Brittany Marcinko Tuppers Plains, OH
    Awesome job! Just wondering where you got you bathroom vanity from? We are buying a house and gutting it and I love what you did to yours!
  • Kat =^.^=
    Kat =^.^= Boulder City, NV
    GREAT JOB! Yep she is ONE LUCKY GAL!!!
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