Summer In Michigan

Took a walk with my children today and couldn't resist taking some photos showing the growth in our yard! We have been blessed with a lot of rain in the last couple weeks. This will all be gone in another couple months!

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  • Ellen H Cullman, AL
    Beautiful. Very lush.
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Things are very happy. Enjoy them while they last.
  • Becky H Tampa, FL
    After all this vigorous growth, your plants probably feel they've earned the winter rest. Very lush RedH. Be sure to take the time to enjoy!
  • Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI
    Good point Becky...I need to sit out there and just take it all in! The man that lived here before us planted these amazing gardens...certainly not me :) I do not have a green thumb, but can maintain it after yrs. of trying. The poor guy died 5 years
  • debbiedoo's Fort Mill, SC
    This is gorgeous!
  • I remember this post...one of my favorites! I need to come visit you Red!
  • Ellen H Cullman, AL
    What is the spiky plant in the dark urn?
  • Redheadcandecorate.com Lake Orion, MI
    Not sure Ellen...I get those every year at Home Depot. This year it has grown to unbelievable lengths. I think they are called spike something...if I think of it I will let you know!
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    The spiky plant is probably Dracaena.
  • Angie W Columbus, OH
    Yes, they are Douglas...I use them every year in my pots...
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