Knock Off Anthropologie Jute Lantern

Nevas' faves 06.22.15
Easy, Step by Step Tutorial to make your own with things around the house! #Bestof2012 #JuneGardening #HomeCrafts #HomeHack
  • Knock off Anthropologie Jute Lantern
  • Candlelit Jute Lantern
  • The Original Anthropologie Jute Lantern
#JuneGarden #OutdoorIdeas
  • Tammy Lynn Hebert
    Tammy Lynn Hebert Sanford, NC
    OH my gosh. I thought oh she covered a lantern with burlap very cute. Then I went to the blog and saw it was a plastic juice with wired glued on to give the effect. How smart of you. Love it.
  • Jann Olson
    Jann Olson Alpine, UT
    This is fabulous!
  • Doreen Cagno
    Doreen Cagno Lititz, PA
    Thanks, Jann! It's a great project this time of year!
Doreen Cagno

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