Room Make-Overs 04.05.14

$148.00 DIY Bathroom Makeover

Here it is! No one believes it's true, and I'm not the best blogger, but here is how it was done! http://gypsy-barn.blogspot.ca/2012/08/14800-...

DIY with everyday things and do a little bargain hunting and VOILA! Easy Peasy! It HAS to be easy since I did it myself and was supposed to be in bed with pneumonia haha! SHHHHHH

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  • Donna R Lumberton, TX
    Love the new look. Crisp, clean and fresh. That ladder is such a surprise. Know you will get lots of compliments.
  • Laura S Chicago, IL
    What a difference! Nice job! I have the same flooring in our upstairs bathroom, inexpensive but very pretty

  • Sharon Eau Claire, WI
  • Roberta F Watseka, IL
    I have a sink similar to that for sale for $95.00
  • Cathy B Phoenix, AZ
    Can you share the gray color??
  • Ellen H Cullman, AL
    I am so ashamed of myself. I have been liiving with horrid bathroom for 20 years because I'm waiting on windfall to completely redo it, when apparently if I were as smart as you, I could have a great new-looking bathroom for almost nothing except hard
  • Kate N La Porte City, IA
    WOW! And I mean WOW, what a difference, I applaud you!
  • Gypsy Barn Canada
    The "how to" is posted in the as a link in the explanation of the pictures :)
  • Gypsy Barn Canada
  • Helena @ Design Wotcha! Laguna Beach, CA
    This is quite the change - love the touch of green.
  • Sirius H Smyrna, GA
    That is one inspiring change!! Geez Louise that's some fine work!!
  • Anne Mc Marietta, GA
    Great information on the Blog! Maybe I'll try something like that on the one crummy bath I have left to redo!
  • Sissy J Schaumburg, IL
    I read the post, but couldn't tell if you tore off all the old wall tile or if you just covered it with the new paneling. If you have a sec, could you let us know. (Or if anyone else is a better reader than I am & figured that out?) :) Thank you! I LOVE
  • Kris Cole Saint Francis, MN
    Love this.....
  • Ageless Chimney, Inc. Levittown, NY
    Wow - looks great!!