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Custom Mosaic on Hardi Backer Board

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I just accepted a commission for a stained glass mosaic that will hang on the outside of a house. I have done many outdoor mosaics on wood in protected areas but this will be fully expose to the elements so I plan on using Hardi Backer board as my substrate but don't know how to #1 cut it or #2 when it is finished how to hang it.
Client is waffling on permanent installation or removable in case of hurricane/ nor'easter, I cannot begin mosaic really without knowing.. I also will need to make it more rigid, can't have flex on a mosaic :) can I use construction adhesive to sandwich two pieces together ? Thanks.

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  • Christina Dubois
    Christina Dubois Vashon, WA

    I love your work! How did you end up attaching the address plaque to the siding? I'm planning a similar piece on wedi board and am not sure how I can attach hanging hardware to it. I'm thinking of using z-bar hanging hardware. Do you think I could

  • Kathleen M
    Kathleen M Manahawkin, NJ

    Thank You @Christina Dubois ! I used the hanging system I purchased at the same time (has two) and we put screws thru siding ( caulking around ) and it hangs on there.... Made it through Hurricane Sandy too :) As to the ZBar system I am not familiar

  • Tiffany
    Tiffany Burbank, CA

    Generally, when not using wedi board, what kind of wood do you use for your mosaics?

  • Julia
    Julia San Jose, CA

    hello everybody,Iam looking for advise, I need to frame a mosaic piece for outdoors 12 by 12 and really don't know where can I find a metal fame for it, also I need to hang it on a building on one of the walls ,its going to be a logo of the Church,so

  • Valerie
    Valerie South Africa

    Your mosaic is absolutely gorgeous!!!!