Building a Tiki bar from pallets

Backyard Escapes 3 days ago
I was throwing a Hawaiian luau, and i want to make a i thought that i could use two pallets and make one.I made this bar from recycled pallets.I used two pallets to complete the bar, one whole pallet, and one cut in half. I used the one I had cut in half, and used it for the ends of the bar. Then I used MDF for the top. Then I thought i should put more support in and add a shelf to hold all of my mixes! After decorating and loaded up ready for use, looks pretty good! Total time spent building it, about an hour.
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    Oops, I should edit my above comment to say "Oh how cool!", right? I mean the last guy I said I liked something and that I thought it was "cute" was my nephew about his new car. His reply was "Great, now I'll have to get a new one." He's surrounded by
  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
    Ok, this is really cute!!
  • Ally
    Ally Schenectady, NY
    Ha! Love it.
  • Kris S
    Kris S Minneapolis, MN
    Love it! Someone mentioned his fire pit, but forgot to mention the koi pond, gazebo, bridge, etc. Wow! What a great backyard!
  • Rosalind Coates
    Great idea!!!
  • Judy C
    Judy C Hampton, VA
    Lots of times these projects end up looking a mess and I feel sorry for the person who thinks they are great....In your case WAY TO GO... Great JOB impressed :)
  • Donna Marie Amy
    Donna Marie Amy Bonita Springs, FL
    Great idea and plan on making one myself.
  • Laurie MacPherson
    Laurie MacPherson Clovis, NM
    Thank you!! I'm going to make one for my husband!!! He will love it!!!
  • Laurie MacPherson
    Laurie MacPherson Clovis, NM
    Thanks, He loves it!!! It's perfect he said!!!
  • Tammy H
    Tammy H Corona, CA
    Great idea....would go great with our Pallet Party Caddy..hmmm will have to share this with my husband
  • Laurie
    Laurie Cranston, RI
    I made this all by myself in a weekend with palets ! 8 ft Tiki bar with shelves in the back! Tile top! Best part is, I had no truck and put the palets in my SL500 convertable to transport them to my home!! Girls rock!!! Just saying!!
  • Phil
    Phil Ormond Beach, FL
    Nice way to dress it up.
  • Mary Gilardo
    Mary Gilardo Land O Lakes, FL
    Love it...i started collecting pallets to make my projects!!! Thanks for the great ideas!
  • Annette
    Annette Opa Locka, FL
    Looks awesome! Anyway we can get a step by step?
  • Teaze Rivera
    Love it can we get step by step plz
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