Building a Tiki bar from pallets

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I was throwing a Hawaiian luau, and i want to make a i thought that i could use two pallets and make one.I made this bar from recycled pallets.I used two pallets to complete the bar, one whole pallet, and one cut in half. I used the one I had cut in half, and used it for the ends of the bar. Then I used MDF for the top. Then I thought i should put more support in and add a shelf to hold all of my mixes! After decorating and loaded up ready for use, looks pretty good! Total time spent building it, about an hour.
  • bar made from pallets....
  • After decorations, lookin good!
  • adding the shelf helped alot in supporting the bar, not to mention ALL that booze!!
  • Dan Price
    Dan Price United Kingdom
    Looks awesome! :) Simple but very effective and really works once complete with the all important mixers. I am in no way a carpenter but this definitely looks achievable for someone with a creative streak or two. Cheers, David! Dan, London.
  • David Rundle
    David Rundle Tacoma, WA
    Thank you everyone! It will be redone for my favorite holiday season, halloween! Will post picks!
  • Jacqueline Tannehill
    Great idea!!!! Looks amazing. Going to try this for our next fish fry.
  • Jackiejean25
    Did you bolt the half cut pallet to the full pallet?
  • David Rundle
    David Rundle Tacoma, WA
    No bolts, just nails
David Rundle

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