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Building a Tiki bar from pallets

I was throwing a Hawaiian luau, and i want to make a bar...so i thought that i could use two pallets and make one.I made this bar from recycled pallets.I used two pallets to complete the bar, one whole pallet, and one cut in half. I used the one I had cut in half, and used it for the ends of the bar. Then I used MDF for the top. Then I thought i should put more support in and add a shelf to hold all of my mixes! After decorating and loaded up ready for use, looks pretty good! Total time spent building it, about an hour.

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  • David Rundle
    David Rundle Tacoma, WA

    No bolts, just nails

    • Rebekah H.

      @David Rundle What size nails did you use and how weight can it hold as far as drinks goes?

  • MadamLibrarian3
    MadamLibrarian3 Manchester, NH

    Awesome and inexpensive solution! Great recycle of materials too!

  • Kwl97

    Great Job .....I love pallets to.

  • Madelyn sullivan
    Madelyn sullivan San Jose, CA

    i like it but i dont know how i would build it

  • Sandy
    Sandy Riverside, CA

    how did you put all together. Can you tell us how to put it together step by step.