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  • Diane Wilkins
    Diane Wilkins Dayton, OH

    Excellent Idea!!

  • Angel
    Angel Hesperia, CA

    What a great idea!

  • Alice  Gatto
    Alice Gatto Southampton, PA

    Love this idea - next time I have a kitty, I'm going to try this out.

  • Amanda Mullins

    Wish she'd posted the step by step. That is awesome

    • Lisa DeNardi Galati

      @Amanda Mullins there are a few steps in the actual blog post. The link the blog post is just a few lines above your comment. But here is the link anway... http://www.recapturedcharm.com/2010/05/contest-answer-what-in-world-will-this.html

  • Selina drakehohn

    Now I am jealous! Too Genius!