• Lynne
    Lynne Detroit, MI
    that is such a great idea, it looks like a lovely piece of furniture, and a hidden litter pan, love the handles
  • Annette Lopez
    Annette Lopez Springfield, MA
  • April
    April Lawrenceville, GA
    What a cute and creative idea! Thank you for sharing! :)
  • The Palette Blog by Unfolded
    Loving this and the branches are giving me an idea....
  • Ann
    Ann Fort Worth, TX
    I love this, but dont have a cat. Maybe a great idea for laundry... hole in top, perhaps with some sort of door to lift up. I love the front-especially the handles. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • Carrie P
    This is so beautiful! I also have my cat box in a wooden stand that's more box-like. My cats are then able to use the top as a lounging area in the sun. Having a cat box enclosed REALLY helps with odor control.
  • Janice W
    Janice W Manchester, TN
    I wish I'd of had this when I had cats. Great idea and it looks so nice.
  • Deb @ Nomadic Decorator
    Deb @ Nomadic Decorator Lake Zurich, IL
    You're right, never would have guessed! This makes me think, why not do this in a bathroom vanity if the construction allows it.
  • Bonnie Lewenza
    I absolutely love this idea, great way to hide them litter boxes.
  • Adrienne Sajecki
    Adrienne Sajecki New Port Richey, FL
    what a great idea! I have seen something like this for a dog house.
  • Kyleigh Gray
    Kyleigh Gray Hopewell, VA
    The one we made from a coffee table we used the kid to open it. Using the top has been a pain because we have to clean everything off to open it to clean it. Using the front however, where the drawers are is just brilliant!
  • LeAnn
    LeAnn Ashton, IA
    Oh my gosh. I absolutely LOVE this!! Now this is a project that I cannot wait to start on! thank you for sharing it. :)
  • Jody Huntsman
    Jody Huntsman Anderson, IN
    Need for cats
  • Patti Redmond
    Patti Redmond Kansas City, MO
    I will be doing this, but I have to find the piece first! Thrift stores and flea markets here I come!!
  • Patti lennert
    Patti lennert Webster, TX
    Very smart
Lisa D