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The Chicken Coop - Made From Shipping Crates

Our Chicken Coop - built from shipping crates and reclaimed lumber. Home to our nine proud hens :) www.oldworldgardenfarms.com
We don’t live on ‘The Farm’ just yet. We actually live in a typical residential neighborhood with neighbors within a throwing distance from us. We have frequent walkers that pass by the house and always give a friendly wave hello. So when we decided to build what we now call “The Coop” - we did so in our driveway where we had the modern convenience of electricity. We wanted to reuse some materials that we had obtained in years past, so we decided to build the chicken coop primarily out of old shipping crates. After week one, we not only had a frame to our structure, but a pretty significant start to the future home of the chickens. Spring was in full force at this time, and after the harsh winter we had, several individuals had decided to take up walking as a form of exercise. Each day we would hear general comments from the neighborhood such as, ”looking good”, and “keep up the good work”. It wasn’t until the actual outside structure was built that we started getting more curious looks and the occasional question, “Ok, you have to settle a bet, are you building a playhouse or a dog house?”. To much of their surprise, we would laugh and tell them that it was actually a chicken coop….always followed by a quick clarification of “Don’t worry, it’s not staying in the driveway, we are moving it out to the farm”. Now, we live in a small community, where the head football coach of our small high school lives just up the street. Without hesitation, one day at school he approached one of our boys and commented, “Son, you are going to have the most elaborate dog house on the block”. To the horror of our son, he shyly admitted to Coach that it wasn’t a doghouse at all, but a chicken coop in progress. Life has never been the same at school.....
You can find more about our coop and meet our nine hens here : http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/news-from-the-coop/

To see more: http://oldworldgardenfarms.com/news-from-the-coop/

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  • Old World Garden Farms

    Kathleen : Thank you for the compliment. They really are so very easy to take care of...and honestly - with just hens - they make no noise at all. I'm sure you will talk him into it - especially if he ever tastes how great the eggs are!

  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL

    I am so jealous. I want two hens. But like Vicki, my neighbors would turn me in. It is a wonderful hen house. Oh I must go look and read the full details now.

  • Old World Garden Farms

    Sheryll - They are really easy to keep - and if you have a few - you really do not need a lot of space - just a good coop. There are several designs that have the coop on top and a space for the chickens to run around underneath on the side. We

  • Fresh Eggs Daily
    Fresh Eggs Daily Dixmont, ME

    It's really beautiful! Sharing on my Facebook page.

  • Mudnjoy
    Mudnjoy Tucson, AZ

    I used an old dog's chain link kennel with old crates on stilts for nesting areas. Old large wood dowels or wood broom handles slip in the chain link for roosting. OK, I got crazy and made swings of dowels and old close hangers. BE creative. I have a

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