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  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    Our August has been surprisingly comfortable, too. I think I may be ready for fall for once after this nasty summer.
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Beautiful decorations Debra.

    Though I absolutely love fall, I always have at least one room in our homes that is decorated in fall colors year round, I'm

  • Debra D Palmyra, PA
    It's very cool this morning, I need a robe having my coffee on the patio but the next week is supposed to be in the 80s. I'l try not to rush Fall :) Seems like it was 100 degrees all Summer...must be why I want Fall to come!
  • Becky Blair, NE
    I'm sure I'd feel the same way if we were still having hundred degree weather and I was out watering our new trees and bushes to keep them alive. It looks as though our temps are slowly moving upwards toward the low 90s at the week progresses.
  • Becky J Troy, IL
    put my ceramic pumpkins out last week. (my cat, Pumpkin, is happy.)
  • Jan M Toledo, OR
    I am so ready.

    It is funny how you just seem to roll into each season and out of the previous. I am always ready by the end of Summer and

  • Becky Blair, NE
    Maybe on a tropical island Jan. Ofcourse then it's probably humid and feels hotter than it really is. Our daughter lives in Honolulu and loves telling me the temperature since it's usually in the mid-eighties. I guess they have short rain showers almost
  • Jan M Toledo, OR
    I lived in Kona for 5 years. Loved it but lost my husband to an accident there and my daughters and I stayed for one more year but I longed for family and came back to the mainland. Yes, I could definitely do the island living again but can't afford it
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Jan I'm so sorry about the loss of your husband. How tragic.

    We're still having temps in the low to mid nineties with very little rain. Only two showers since mid June. Add to that the

  • Jan M Toledo, OR
    Oh thank you Becky. I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful man that I am now married to and will be having our 24th anniversary this November. It is really feeling like fall around here and the morning are sweats and heavy sock temps but come around
  • Becky Blair, NE
    You're welcome. I'm happy you found a wonderful man again. ♥
  • I wish it was Fall all year around! :)
  • <3 the fabric pumpkins. I made one year, pink and white fabric pumpkins for Thanksgiving. I strung popcorn and spray painted them pink. I double draped them from the ceiling/wall, also on the fireplace mantle, in between each drape was a pink