what's wrong with my tree?

My tree is 2 yrs. old and self-planted. I have been watering it off and on this summer and I just realized it looks like it has a fungus or something. The leaves are turning yellow with brown spots and then they are curling up and turnng completely brown. The whole tree is affected ecept for leaves near the end of each branch. Can it be saved?
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  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Do I need to worry about other trees or surrounding plants?
  • Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    If I were you, I would email your photos and this question to Cooperative Extension. Here's the link:


  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    You're lucky to have a tree self-plant in a place you actually want it, Dee. I think that looks like some sort of seasonal, environmentally induced condition that will probably not be an issue next year, but for your peace of mind you could certainly
  • Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    It looks like silver maple to me.

    If so, this is one of the reasons not to keep it. It has weak limbs, no fall color and it gets every leaf spot known to

  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Thanks guys..really appreciate your quick responses.

    @Steve: I will check with the Coop today, I need to run into town for some errands anyway.

  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Quick update: Extension office got back to me and yes, it is a silver maple and yes, this is a seasonal thing and will not hurt the tree or other plants. Although I was told it may lose limbs in high wind or hard rain as it grows, we have decided to
  • Douglas Hunt New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Good luck with your tree, Dee.
  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Thank-you Douglas, enjoy the 3-day weekend!
  • To help prevent leaf spots, make sure there is adequate sun light & air circulation. Fungus develops when moisture is available on a regular basis.
  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Thank-you TJB-the tree is in full sun and sits in a bed of pachysandra. No other plants nearby.
  • Anthracnose fungi need wet conditions to infect and spread. Foliar symptoms include small round to irregular tan to dark brown or black spots. Symptoms vary with the host plant. The images show anthracnose on sycamore and silver maple. Spots can
  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    that is more information than I got from th Co-op, thank-you. I was advised to be sure and get all the dry, fallen leaves picked up and thrown away, not composted. So I guess I need to buy a fungicide and apply every year in the spring? I was also
  • I found this info for you. Note: All of the chemical controls should be done by a licensed arborist in your area. If you are reading this and are located in New Haven County, CT, TJB-INC has a state licensed Arborist (S-1710) on staff. My name is Ted
  • Walter is correct in his response. Since the tree is small enough to be easily removed, do that and replant with another type of tree. Remember that Anthracnose is caused by environmental conditions, by not changing these conditions, you may have a
  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Wow! Thank-you so much for taking the time to send all this info my way. I am taking all your expertise to heart, but also have someone coming out next week from the tree co. we use. I will make a decision based on his input as well.
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