Kitchen Spruce Up

Updating our kitchen.

*Options I considered for this project:

A big debate was between stainless steel appliances and black. We chose black.

*Questions and unexpected events that arose during the project:

We received slightly different style cabinets than we had originally ordered, they were already customized, however, and they looked great so we had them installed to stay on track.

* Cost Comments:

~$6000 on materials (oak cabinets, silestone tops, black GE appliances)

~$2000 on labor assistance

*My motivation to do this project:

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  • Jason P
    Jason P Kennesaw, GA
    Ephriam gave us great direction and insight, to truly discover what we wanted. And, he helped us put it all together in a timely and cost effective fashion.
  • Krystle @ Color Transformed Family
    We are in the process of renovating our kitchen too and have decided to go with black. Mainly because I have a double oven that I love that is black. The lower price is a nice perk though plus I still think black looks great.
Jason P