Fenced in a .5 acre yard

Fenced in a .5 acre yard. Half of fence is 6 ft privacy fence, the other half is 5 ft chain link.

*Options I considered for this project:

Tried to put fence in myself. Project was above my skill level so I interviewed 3 contractors.

*Questions and unexpected events that arose during the project:

Did not know property lines would be so hard to find. Concrete took longer than expected to set. Chain link was difficult to stretch.

* Cost Comments:

Privacy and chain link differed in price per foot. After negotiation, we were able to agree on price as well as an upgrade to a higher quality privacy fence.

*My motivation to do this project:

To give dogs a place to play without supervision and to upgrade the look of my back yard.

  • Front left corner of fence. Picture includes gate
  • Left inside side of fence. Picture is taken to show length of fence running to back of property
  • Picture of right inside side of fence. taken to show fence running from front to back
  • Outside of fence. Lee installed a nicer privacy fence that included decorative posts
  • Gate as seen from outside
  • Point where privacy fence meets chain link
  • Chain link gate at back of property
  • Length of chain link fence at back of property
on Sep 22, 2010
  • Sunita P
    Sunita P Buford, GA
    Are you planning on staining? What color? This is more work but will preserve the wood longer.
  • Hudson Designs
    Hudson Designs Loganville, GA
    Nice clean line on the wood fence. Your contractor did a fine job.
Rob L