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Antique Chair Gets Feed Sack Makeover

When I hesitantly decided to stop at middle-of-nowhere garage sale, I entered a junkers heaven! Rusty tools, furniture, and all sorts of eye-candy abounded. When I snatched the stitched together feed sacks, I had no idea what they would become.
Stop by to read the full story and see how a lovely antique arm chair with itchy indoor/outdoor upholstery got a farmhouse makeover.
Difficulty: Medium
Farmhouse style has such a way of creating a "welcome home" appeal and I'm head over heels for this chair!
Not only did I find 2 vintage feed sacks for $1, but also this barrel of antique table legs for $10. SCORE! This is only one of 3 boxes...would you pass them up?
This scratchy upholstery was just screaming to be removed. Who would want to sit on it? None of my 6 kids wanted to and neither did I!
The two feed sacks had been hand-stitched together at some point and I just had to close my eyes and cut.
I'm so glad I took the plunge and cut up those sacks. With a little bit of paint and new duds, my rustic farmhouse arm chair calls to welcome you.

To see more: http://www.prodigalpieces.com/2014/10/vintage-feed-sack-chair-themed-makeover/

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