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Repurpose a Vintage Tool Box into a Planter

I have a really great Mother In Law and she gifted me a cool, old wooden tool box. I promptly turned it into a flower planter that happily resides on our sun deck! I just love it :) It's a super easy project. My favorite kind! (bonus, the deer can't reach it)

To see more: http://www.foxhollowcottage.com/2012/08/vintage-tool-box-turns-charming-planter.html

  • Roanna K
    Roanna K Sacramento, CA

    I am moving and I found my grandfather's tool box. He died in 1952 so it is quite aged and looks pretty good! I am thinking about using his tool box, full of some really old tools, and doing some planting myself.

  • Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage

    Oh how fun Roanna. What a great find!!!!

  • Diy Design Fanatic
    Diy Design Fanatic Charlotte, NC

    Very pretty Shannon!

  • Kathy Radigan
    Kathy Radigan East Northport, NY

    Love it! What a great idea.

  • E. Martemucci
    E. Martemucci Rochester, NY

    Love it!! I bought one at a flea market and did the same, but I love when it's a family member's much better. You are right, they are very heavy!

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