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Island built from recycled pallet wood and rough cut walnut

We decided to build a 4'x4' island using 2x6 pallet wood and rough cut walnut.For the top we headed out to a sawmill that has been shut down and the owner gladly met us and let us pick through his wood. We decided upon a few pieces of rough walnut that he had.
Time: 20 Hours Cost: $75 Difficulty: Moderate

To see more: http://www.repurposed-life.com/2013/03/04/kitchen-island-born-using-pallets-and-rough-cut-walnut/

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  • Tina @ Repurposed Life

    @BeachBumLivin Thank you!

  • Jill B
    Jill B Bismarck, ND

    Love this!!!! Great job!

  • Beverly Hullender
    Beverly Hullender Saint Simons Island, GA

    They say that the best form of flattery is imitation. Well, I'm about to flatter you 'cause I've got to do this! Thank you for the encouragement--I've been wanting (and needing) to make something like this! Great job!

  • Lttamayo

    Love it great job!

  • Helen Mutton
    Helen Mutton United Kingdom

    This is perfect. Really wonderful.