Super Simple & Cute Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

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Create your own soap dispenser using a mason jar and a plastic pump. Paint your mason jar and the lid for an extra special touch!

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Difficulty: Easy

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  • Rag Top Daze
    Rag Top Daze Moultonborough, NH
    I'm thinking about the hard plastic lids they have for these jars...sometimes you can fit a peanut butter or mayo jar lid to them. I am going to practice drilling a hole in one of them. Probably start with a tiny drill, then get a little bigger in an
  • Starpup
    Starpup Cleveland, GA
    Love this idea!
  • Terra Gazelle
    Terra Gazelle Springfield, LA
    I did not read all the posts so this may be redundant.. to keep it from rusting how about Rustoleum spray paint?
  • Jennifer Page
    Jennifer Page Sayre, PA
    I would use Rustoleum to spraypaint the lids. Isn't that made for metal so the metal won't rust????
  • Pamela Kresen Jankowski
    I love the design on the mason jar you used. I have made these also but only have ball or Kerr brands to use.
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