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  • Barb Willoughby, OH
    LOL...can you use any flavor Kool-Aid??????
    • Victoria Mc Kenzie, TN
      Barb I've heard it has to be the lemonade flavor.
    • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
      Barb The lemonade version has the higher amount of powdered citric acid....more tartness than the grape, cherry etc.
  • Debra Johnson Park Falls, WI
    Barb you took the words right out of my mouth, maybe I'll try it and let you know
  • Rosalie M Kingston, PA
    Denture cleaning tablets works too. Put one in the tank and one in the bowl.
  • I guess if KoolAid works to clean your toilet that good, it makes me regret that I ever drank it and gave it to my kids! :(
  • Debbie Worley Conroe, TX
    must be the citric acid.
  • Penny Smith New Port Richey, FL
    Also try denture tablets in the toilet bowl and in the tank. Works great! Sparkling clean!
  • Susan Hollenbeck Upper Black Eddy, PA
    Thank you..shall try the vinegar again..maybe I didn't leave it in long enough. Over night might work!
  • Isis Alayola Sneads Ferry, NC
    Thanks, for share your secret, but a try, and doesn't work for me. maybe i need to do again.
  • Cathy W Portland, OR
    Definitely, at least 8 hrs (overnight)!
  • Thelma Benton, MO
    if the kool aid doesn't work a pumie stick will. You can find them at Walmart in the cleaning section.
  • Maria Des Moines, IA
    WARNING: look away now if easily disgusted! We moved into a 1950s house with some distinctive charms (ahem). I had no idea what to do about the basement toilet until I read this suggestion. I wanted to stay away from nasty chemicals--and pumice stones,