How to Clean that Stubborn Toilet Bowl Ring for .25 cents

Clean 2 hours ago
Chemical free trick to clean that nasty toilet bowl ring.
After attempting to clean with Comet and Liquid toilet bowl cleaner I still had this nasty hard water build up scuzzy ring.
This is the AFTER picture :)
The lemon Koolaid works in the dishwasher too for removing the soap scum build up from the insides. Just put in in place of the soap and run an empty washer on it's regular cycle. The before and after will amaze you!
I know this looks nasty, but remember it's just Koolaid :)

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  • Sandy
    Sandy Kingston, WA
    citric acid will do the same thing. Find in the canning section of your grocery store.
    • Wanda sinnema
      Wanda sinnema Seattle, WA
      Sandy I have it on hand for canning.. but must say,, KOOL AID is cheaper.. Can't believe the price jump last summer !
  • Tom Brennan
    Lemi Shine detergent booster ( in the dishwasher detergent isle) at Walmart is a good substitute or TSP if you can get it
  • Cheryl Richards
    Any kind if citric acid works, powdered drinks are mostly composed of that. Many plumbing supply stores carry it but I believe they charge more.
  • Gail
    Gail Condon, MT
    Love this Works great with glacier water.
  • Abigal.lee8
    Toilet bowl cleaner
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