How to Clean that Stubborn Toilet Bowl Ring for .25 cents

Cleanning Tips 2 days ago
Chemical free trick to clean that nasty toilet bowl ring.
After attempting to clean with Comet and Liquid toilet bowl cleaner I still had this nasty hard water build up scuzzy ring.
This is the AFTER picture :)
The lemon Koolaid works in the dishwasher too for removing the soap scum build up from the insides. Just put in in place of the soap and run an empty washer on it's regular cycle. The before and after will amaze you!
I know this looks nasty, but remember it's just Koolaid :)

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  • Pat whitmus
    pat whitmus Ephrata, WA
    My pumice stone uses very little effort, restores like new, no scratches.
  • Lanelle Broussard
    Lanelle Broussard League City, TX
    Kool Aid is cheap, too.
  • Tnpeggy
    Tnpeggy Oak Ridge, TN
    You can also use white vinegar to remove the mineral buildup in your shower nozzle. I put vinegar in a Ziploc bag and attach it to the nozzle. Leave it soaking for 20-30 minutes; it'll open the holes in the nozzle.
  • Nanigod
    nanigod Waianae, HI
    I use tang in the dishwasher and it works like the koolaide. I am sure you could use citric acid which is the chemical that does the work.
  • Nanigod
    nanigod Waianae, HI
    I tried the vinegar in the shower head . It does not work as good as tang or citric acid.My water is EXTREMELY hard.
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