Setting the Garden With Plate Flowers

2 days ago
When coming home from my day job I pass a house that has all kinds of metal garden decor for sale on the front lawn. There are metal birds, trees, obelisks, and beautiful large metal flowers. I've also seen this metal garden art at craft shows, and it can be quite expensive.
I thought that I could make my own scaled down (and inexpensive) versions of the flowers by collecting some thrifted items and putting them together. I love that every flower will be one of a kind, and the possibilities are really endless.
Here are my finished plate flowers, staked in the ground about 8-12" for stability..
The middle plate flower is made with a silver plate shallow bowl, a silver plate candy dish, and a silver tone flower brooch with a broken clasp.
This one was made with a silver edged plate, a small white scalloped dish, a yellow tea light holder, and a rhinestone brooch.
And the third one was made with three glass pieces, a large 9" plate, a lovely candy dish, and a small diffuser bottle.
The pieces were glued together using Marine Goop adhesive, and left to cure for 24 hours. Once cured I glued pieces of an old deck swing to their backs for stems.
Once the stems were cured I just put them in the garden. The thing I enjoy most is that there's no watering required.
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  • Dyan kelly
    Dyan kelly Diamond Springs, CA
    They may seem easy to make, but there's a lot of time in making garden plates.
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H Palm Desert, CA
      I sort of agree a point,the most time consuming for me is deciding what to use,then waiting for glue to dry hard . I am part of the instant gratification group of humans. Eek!
  • Sandy Eck
    Sandy Eck Woodville, OH
    Hi Mickey and Boo Boo. I have put 3 different size plates together with it. I just took my stuff out of the garage and cleaned it up, and its still together. I put a pretty good sized ring around the plate, or whatever I am gluing together. I let it dry
  • Debbie
    Debbie Locust Grove, GA
    Love, love, love this......going thrift store shopping on senior discount day!!!!
  • Yvette Spicer
    Yvette Spicer Keno, OR
    I have a friend who's handy with welding ... I have saw blade sunflowers with a 4 ft green rebar stem. They need some touch up yellow paint, but they still look happy when there's snow on the ground.
  • Jennifer Thompson
    So lovely!! Can't wait to try this one!
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