Setting the Garden with Plate Flowers

Gift Ideas 04.10.15
When coming home from my day job I pass a house that has all kinds of metal garden decor for sale on the front lawn. There are metal birds, trees, obelisks, and beautiful large metal flowers. I've also seen this metal garden art at craft shows, and it can be quite expensive.

I thought that I could make my own scaled down (and inexpensive) versions of the flowers by collecting some thrifted items and putting them together. I love that every flower will be one of a kind, and the possibilities are really endless.

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  • Billie
    Billie Jellico, TN
    Great idea - adding to my list of projects
  • Georgeanne I
    Georgeanne I Greensboro, NC
    The ReStore of Habitat for Humanity always has good plates to use. I am addicted to this place.
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Georgeanne I Booo Maybe yours does, ours doesn't, and goodwill is getting outrageous! Charging more for dollar store stuff than dollar store does! What have you made? I would love
  • Georgeanne I
    Georgeanne I Greensboro, NC
    Well I like 'free' also but our ReStore recently got a huge donation from Replacements, Ltd., with hundreds of pieces of china, everyday dishes, etc. at about $2 and up per plate. I have a 'dish' room, otherwise known as the dining room; I hang plates on
    • Laura Sedlmayr
      Laura Sedlmayr Tampa, FL
      Georgeanne I Wow! What great stock from Replacements Ltd. Wish I was close! Our H 4 H store here is quite pricey ......
  • Sherri Brown
    Sherri Brown Hampton, SC
    I take an old fork and bend it in half. I heavily glue the tine end to the plate. My reasoning is that the tines of the fork give it more irregular surfaces to attach to the plate. And then insert the handle in to a pipe what has an opening, such as
  • Linda
    Linda San Antonio, TX
    Thrift town, here I come! Another reason for a road trip for me and my friends!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Doni
    Doni Crescent, IA
    Another great way to secure a pipe to the back is : go to the plumbing section at hardware store. Ask for a copper "bell hanger". They are made to hang conduit. Called bell hanger because they are shaped like a bell.The 1/2 inch ones cost about $1.00.
  • Marayne
    Marayne Kieler, WI
    I glue pvc T fittings which cost about 1.12 each and found at any hardware store to the backs of the plates. The stakes I find at Menards and they are porch spindles (found in 3 different colors = grey, green, white) and cost about 2.99 each. I had
  • Diane Schroedel
    Just a thought I had while reading everyone's comments.....for those that may not have an area where they can stick these into the ground, I thought of another idea. These would look very nice hanging from the ceiling or railings of a porch or hanging
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H New York, NY
      Diane Schroedel This is a really good "flowers" get so water spotted from sprinkler..not as pretty as they used to be.
  • VickMarie
    VickMarie Lees Summit, MO
    Hanging on railings would be perfect for my little wrought iron (aluminum) entry to the front porch...put up so dog could watch me in the yard and now is wisteria and perennial support!
  • Sharron Pittenger
    Sharron Pittenger Huntington, AR
    Like, very pretty.
  • Cheri Fettes
    Cheri Fettes Empire, MI
    LOVE This! Thanks for sharing. I've got a beautiful plate from a yard sale that is too pretty to use for this project,, but, it doesn't look half as nice just sitting on the organ in the LR. Can't even see it properly. I've just started gardening again,
    • Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel
      Cheri Fettes Hi Cheri: I know not everyone wants to put plates in the garden, but to me my gardens are just an extension of the house. But I have to say I wouldn't use plates
  • Cheri Fettes
    Cheri Fettes Empire, MI
    I should check out the plate, for value. For me the only real value is it's beauty. but I can't even see that where it sits. This whole idea has been growing in my head, with lots of bits and pieces of glass that I have, some deserve to be repurposed.
  • BarbM
    BarbM Marengo, IL
    I have made a couple of these but do not know how to attach the post to the plate. I do not know what to use for the post and the attachment from the plate to the post. Any ideas? I see what she has used. I read back on the comments and see a couple of
    • Bernice H
      Bernice H New York, NY
      BarbM haha..I was going to suggest you read the previous comments! ♥ I use pvc pipe for the stands, then there are pvc elbows ; right angled connection things, that I glue (clear
  • BarbM
    BarbM Marengo, IL
    @Bernice H thanks a bunch for the help. I have had my flower plates made for almost two years and did not know what to use. This will help a bunch!
Tuula @ Thrifty Rebel