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Chrysanthemum Mirror Made With Plastic Spoons

This is one of my favorite projects that I've ever done because it proves a simple fact: Pretty decor doesn't have to be expensive (and in fact, it can be pretty cheap). I made this chrysanthemum mirror using the cheapest plastic spoons I could find at my local grocery store. I glued them to inexpensive MDF wreath forms and then painted them with craft paint. Minimal cost with big impact. My kind of decorating! :-D

To see more: http://www.addicted2decorating.com/how-to-make-a-decorative-chrysanthemum-mirror.html

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  • RustyDusty
    RustyDusty Tyrone, GA

    Very fresh idea. Looks so classy and is adaptable with various colors, to any decor, indoors or out. Could also be done on a smaller scale for year-round table centerpieces with votives and locally-gathered greenery, etc. Thank you for posting! Would

  • Vicki Tenn
    Vicki Tenn Bradenton, FL

    Dollar store. Party city and Oriental Traders online.

  • Amy Mohd
    Amy Mohd Carmel, IN


  • Mickey B. & Boo Boo

    Kristi, this is stunning.

  • KathyPinkstaff
    KathyPinkstaff Farwell, MI

    I used all one color. Looks like a big sunflower!