Chrysanthemum Mirror Made With Plastic Spoons

shims 05.13.15
This is one of my favorite projects that I've ever done because it proves a simple fact: Pretty decor doesn't have to be expensive (and in fact, it can be pretty cheap). I made this chrysanthemum mirror using the cheapest plastic spoons I could find at my local grocery store. I glued them to inexpensive MDF wreath forms and then painted them with craft paint. Minimal cost with big impact. My kind of decorating! :-D


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  • Maria  D. M
    Maria D. M Alamo, TX
    Is it easy to keep the dust off?
  • Lori T
  • Nancy a Butcher
    Nancy a Butcher Chillicothe, OH
    I love this & I am going to do this for ME,Thank You !!!
  • Kathy
    Kathy Box Springs, GA
    I usually dislike plastic because I like rustic type things, but this is beautiful. No one would ever guess that it was made of plastic spoons. I definitely will make one for Spring!
  • Elaine Czarnecki
    Elaine Czarnecki Maumee, OH
    This is awesome!Will make mine gold!
  • Sidnia Soto
    Sidnia Soto Burlington, NJ
    Love it....would have to make three of them, purple for my oldest girl, hot pink, for my youngest and hot red for me.
  • Annie Ann Del Rio
    Annie Ann Del Rio Madera, CA
    that is so cool wow
  • Kaytrishjr
    Kaytrishjr Conyers, GA
    I made one of these and what's interesting is that people come to my house and can't tell that they are spoons!!!!
  • Janice jenkins
    Janice jenkins Bonne Terre, MO
    I didn't think they were spoons Awesome idea
  • Tammy@Deja Vue Designs
    Kristi...this will probably always be one of my favorite projects!
  • Anna Urban
    Anna Urban United Kingdom
    Fab idea it is and so stylish I would never gues that it is made of plastic spoons! Thank you for sharing :)
  • Jessica C
    Jessica C Madison, WI
    You would never know these were plastic spoons, great idea!
  • Francine Nault
    I love your ideas and this one looks so rich looking. Will have to try this later on. I used to make flowers out of plastic spoons and light them up with a battery operated flame.
  • KathyPinkstaff
    KathyPinkstaff Farwell, MI
    I did this using dollar store bags of yellow spoons. Saved a ton of time painting!!!!
  • Joanne Watts
    Great color and the spoons are just an amazing idea!
Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating