• Lisa D
    Lisa D Canada
    Joanne. Valspar makes spray frosting. You can get that at Lowes. Thanks
  • Lisa D
    Lisa D Canada
    Hi Carol. Lol. Good question! I simply wait until any was has hardened and tip the jar over! If you get any soot just spray a little glass cleaner on a paper towel and wipe the inside. (Use a wooden spoon with the paper towel if you can't get your hand
  • Linda A
    Linda A Navarre, FL
    You can buy battery operated tea lights.
    • Arlene Buono
      Arlene Buono Ashburnham, MA
      Linda A Yes, but I order them from the computer from Piper Classics I believe, but the last time I found a new place that was much cheaper, even tho they are about $4.00. I will have to look up the new place that had them a little later OK?
  • Bonnie Huguet
    Bonnie Huguet Crosby, TX
    I LOVE this idea! THANKS for sharing! Hope mine comes out as pretty as yours! Do use plain stencils?
  • Kathy Gibson
    Wal Mart has spray frosting also.
  • Virginia Kramerage
    Virginia Kramerage El Reno, OK
    the tea lights that are not candles they are the little battery operated ones would work really well with this also. Specially if you use a short mason jar
  • Linda F
    Linda F Morristown, TN
    carol and lisa I got my spray frosting at walmart in the spray paint section if you look they have several different types of specialty paints in spray cans.
  • Framedfrosting
    Framedfrosting Kansas City, KS
    These are adorable!!
  • Lauren
    Lauren Hightstown, NJ
    These are beautiful! I love it!
  • Franacle
    Franacle Glyndon, MD
    I think I'm going to try a nautical design. Thanks for posting!
  • Cathy @Vintage, Paint and more....
    These are so pretty and I have everything to make some... thank you for the inspiration...
  • Kaymie
    Kaymie Blue Grass, IA
    Here is an awesome idea for mason jars. I am going to try this!
  • Kimberly Schoffler Boynes
    where do you get the decals you used to make these love the last idea for them
  • Kathy Stubbs
    Kathy Stubbs East Wenatchee, WA
    how do you get the chicken design
  • Kat Schriber
    Kat Schriber Caro, MI
    i'm going to cut some rooster designs out on my machine and use for a stencil. i don't care much for spray frost as it scratches real easy. i use armour etch etching cream.
Lisa D