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  • Lisa D Canada
    Joanne. Valspar makes spray frosting. You can get that at Lowes. Thanks
  • Lisa D Canada
    Hi Carol. Lol. Good question! I simply wait until any was has hardened and tip the jar over! If you get any soot just spray a little glass cleaner on a paper towel and wipe the inside. (Use a wooden spoon with the paper towel if you can't get your hand
  • Linda A Navarre, FL
    You can buy battery operated tea lights.
    • Arlene Buono Ashburnham, MA
      Linda A Yes, but I order them from the computer from Piper Classics I believe, but the last time I found a new place that was much cheaper, even tho they are about $4.00. I will have to look up the new place that had them a little later OK?
  • Bonnie Huguet Crosby, TX
    I LOVE this idea! THANKS for sharing! Hope mine comes out as pretty as yours! Do use plain stencils?
  • Wal Mart has spray frosting also.
  • Virginia Kramerage El Reno, OK
    the tea lights that are not candles they are the little battery operated ones would work really well with this also. Specially if you use a short mason jar
  • Linda F Morristown, TN
    carol and lisa I got my spray frosting at walmart in the spray paint section if you look they have several different types of specialty paints in spray cans.
  • Framedfrosting Kansas City, KS
    These are adorable!!
  • Lauren Hightstown, NJ
    These are beautiful! I love it!
  • Franacle Glyndon, MD
    I think I'm going to try a nautical design. Thanks for posting!
  • Cathy C Myrtle Beach, SC
    These are so pretty and I have everything to make some... thank you for the inspiration...
  • Kaymie Blue Grass, IA
    Here is an awesome idea for mason jars. I am going to try this!
  • where do you get the decals you used to make these love the last idea for them