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  • Kaymie
    Kaymie Blue Grass, IA

    Here is an awesome idea for mason jars. I am going to try this!

  • Kimberly Schoffler Boynes
    Kimberly Schoffler... Pittsburgh, PA

    where do you get the decals you used to make these love the last idea for them

  • Kathy Stubbs
    Kathy Stubbs East Wenatchee, WA

    how do you get the chicken design

    • Lisa DeNardi Galati

      @Kathy Stubbs I just traced a design I liked from the internet and cut it out.

  • Kat Schriber
    Kat Schriber Caro, MI

    i'm going to cut some rooster designs out on my machine and use for a stencil. i don't care much for spray frost as it scratches real easy. i use armour etch etching cream.

  • Jezzie77
    Jezzie77 Tenino, WA

    does anyone know w get stencils for these I am not a good artist

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