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Verander huis 03.16.16

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    • Marcia Lewis Hi! We put your good question to Michael Truehart, owner of an excellent pool company here on Long Island, and he would strongly discourage you from attempting it yourself. Plastering the pool, he says, requires that the mix be correct which is usually achieved with a large crew because the timing is so important. Plus it takes great finesse to use the steel trowels. Equally important, says Michael, is the preparation work done to the interior surfaces before the plastering, as well as the essential follow-up care with chemistry and brushing the surface. Says Michael: I would certainly recommend that the homeowner hire a professional to handle this job.

      FYI: We work with Michael a good deal when designing/building pools locally, and are confident in his advice. --Deck and Patio

    Marcia Lewis

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