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What should I use this GIGANTIC toy box for? (that's not illegal)

on Dec 29, 2015
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I had a bit of a thrift store meltdown, and purchased some weird items, but this one is truly spectacular. And I do not know what to do with the ridiculous thing now....
  • what should i use this gigantic toy box for that s not illegal, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

To see more: http://wishsimple.blogspot.ca/2012/08/questionable-thrift.html

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  • Mssmatch
    Mssmatch Florence, KY

    My taste in decorating runs to primitive country thus I would repurpose the toy box into a coffee table

  • Cynthia H
    Cynthia H Pittston, PA

    Do you have a space big enough for it as is? If not, I would make it into something smaller also. Love the ideas about tools!

  • Denise
    Denise Mobile, AL

    Have you ever considered a window seat? Face it towards you. Turn it in a clockwise direction. Lay on backside. The top should be easily pulled down toward the floor, making it easy to retrieve your items. Sand and paint, add thick foam, cover with

  • Heather Nates

    Heather N. ON.Canada
    Why not use at the bottom of your bed as a blanket box to store summer clothes... Upholster the box to match your berdroom.

  • UpState
    UpState Poughkeepsie, NY

    Use it to store horseshoes and croquet sets for summer parties.