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  • anything having to do with the beach is a winner in my book. Love the colors you used.
  • Travis D Lakewood, CO
    Love this look, and couldn't be any easier...wish I had thought of it...glad you did! I'll be trying it
  • Thanks for your awesome comments everyone. I really hope you try this - so so easy and fun xx Nat
  • Terri J York, PA
    Just what my doctor ordered for me. I have a patially beach-themed house, and these would be perfet for it! I don't know how I missed it when it was first posted...
  • Terri - I would love to see yours when you make them! I'm still addicted to mine xxx
  • Terri J York, PA
    Natalie, I would love to have a totally "beach themed" home as that is where my heart is -
  • Terri J York, PA
    Natalie, I was just at two craft stores, the dollar store, and you will not believe what I forgot to buy - I am kicking myself in a big way right now!
  • Jennifer Lukacz Gorman, TX
    Cute cute
  • Very pretty! I really love these colors.
  • Beautiful jars. Where did you find the little rings that are hanging from the jars?
  • Kat Central Falls, RI
    They look awesome Nat! What kind of paint did you use?
  • Hi Kat - I used acrylic paint - from the test pots at the hardware store.
  • Kristi Bennett Franklin, TN
    Love the jars. So cute, very beachy.