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Simple Spice Storage

I'm currently in the middle of redoing my smaller kitchen that I want to function like a well-planned galley. I'm also trying to spend as little as possible to do it! Here's what I whipped up to create a functional and stylish little storage system for salt, kosher salt, powdered sugar, etc. (Everything above the counters will be white and fresh in my space, but you could use it for "colorful" spices too....heck, even beads in your craft room.) You'll just need spice jars, floral wire and nails!

To see more: http://www.freckledlaundry.com/2012/08/wire-and-nail-hanging-spice-holder.html

  • Blindsgalore
    Blindsgalore San Diego, CA

    What a great way to keep your spices on hand, but not take up precious storage space. Love this idea!

  • ThomasMaloney
    ThomasMaloney Australia

    his could be a very interesting way to store spices too! All the colours on display while in storage - perfect for every kitchen.

  • DeAnn Gardyszewski
    DeAnn Gardyszewski Bay City, MI

    I love this idea. I have my measuring cups and spoons hung inside one cupboard door with small command hooks and I think I will use your idea to do this with my spices. Out of the way, out the sun and heat but handy to grab when needed. Thanks for

  • Wyldecent
    Wyldecent Ashland, OH

    Great idea! I think this would work with hanging them under cabinets also.

  • Mary MacKenzie McDonald

    Who knew spices could look so classy? Well done. I love it!

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