Awesome Remodels 04.01.14

Simple Spice Storage

I'm currently in the middle of redoing my smaller kitchen that I want to function like a well-planned galley. I'm also trying to spend as little as possible to do it! Here's what I whipped up to create a functional and stylish little storage system for salt, kosher salt, powdered sugar, etc. (Everything above the counters will be white and fresh in my space, but you could use it for "colorful" spices too....heck, even beads in your craft room.) You'll just need spice jars, floral wire and nails!

To see more: http://www.freckledlaundry.com/2012/08/wire-and-nail-hanging-spice-holder.html

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  • Harlee Jenkins Charlotte, NC
    Ima going to pass on this project.
  • Peg Saint George, UT
    Very cute. Amazing what you can do in a small kitchen when you are creative.
  • Maryannnmp@aol.com Philadelphia, PA
    really a good and cute and good idea
  • Carolyn_conway Independence, MO
    Can also use the very small mason jelly jars to do this....
  • LauriCNEKS Fairview, KS
    I liked the larger wire better
  • Beverly Alley Mesa, AZ
    I also had a problem with storage for my spices and used this opening to build shelves and finally had a place for my spices.
  • Judy Parkey Madill, OK
    I'd want the name of the spice on the front with an expiration date.
  • Barbara C Mcdonough, GA
    all these ideas are good, but spices should never be exposed to light and heat.cool and dark is best.
  • Felicity Woodruffe United Kingdom
    you can glue magnets to the lids if you dont want to use wire
  • Dana Corby Anderson Island, WA
    Clever and attractive, but a terrible mistake. Spices should be stored in the dark, as far from the stove as possible in the kitchen, because light and heat destroy them. Mine are in a drawer on the other side of the room. My spices last for years --
  • Lisa Fortner Louisville, KY
    great idea!!! good job!
  • Felicity Woodruffe United Kingdom
    mamite jars would be great for this as they are dark and a perfect size for spices and dried herbs could ut screw through lids or glue magnets on lids
  • where did you get the jars? i have a lot of spices and herbs Char Belange YELM, WA