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  • Susan Mccarthy
    Susan Mccarthy Largo, FL

    I love this I did much the same with an old hot tub. The tub was set into our deck and would cost a fortune to move so I made it into a pond. I think the size of my goldfish tells all.

  • Sharon Mewborn
    Sharon Mewborn Lufkin, TX

    AWESOME idea!

  • Tina Norris
    Tina Norris Winter Garden, FL

    Do you have a filter to keep water nice? Very cool idea!

  • Ginny Miller
    Ginny Miller Plainfield, CT

    I have always wanted to build a pond! this could be the way I could do this at my new home!

  • Debbie Kuhl
    Debbie Kuhl Berkeley, CA

    I have an indoor soaker tub I never use. I wonder if I could put a pond insert into it and build up around it to have an indoor water feature, garden or even koi pond.

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