Framed Chalkboard Panels for the Fridge

Kitchen 03.20.16
I recently painted my kitchen cabinets. Our white appliances really stood out (in a not so pleasing way) against the new cabinet color. I have been wanting to conquer the clutter that accumulates on our fridge for a long time, so I attached (with magnets!) new, chalkboard panels to the front. Fun and functional!!!

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  • Tegma
    tegma Lake City, PA
    I'm back! I went to K & J Mag. and found various magnets. Are yours the rectangular ones, ZB8 @ $1.78 each? How many did it take to hold all your trim?
  • Tegma
    tegma Lake City, PA
    Guess I should have checked your blog first before heading to K & J..... Now I see your magnets. Thanks so much! Great idea which looks nice, too!
  • Collene Heeg
    Collene Heeg Cincinnati, OH
    I love it and the color of your cabinets,,,im going French country in my small kitchen on a budget so I love all these good idea
  • Chris aka monkey
    Chris aka monkey Mount Pleasant, TN
    Brenda M this idea is fabulous and i went to your blog to see more...... maybe because i am old but i did not see black gate handle and i was curious about that thanks xx
  • Sheryl Killoran
    Sheryl Killoran Cumming, GA
    LOVE that you spell Conor the 'right' way! We spell our son's name the same way and must say it's rare!
Brenda M