Chalkboard Ideas 12.30.13

Framed Chalkboard Panels for the Fridge

I recently painted my kitchen cabinets. Our white appliances really stood out (in a not so pleasing way) against the new cabinet color. I have been wanting to conquer the clutter that accumulates on our fridge for a long time, so I attached (with magnets!) new, chalkboard panels to the front. Fun and functional!!!

To see more: http://cottage4c.com/refrigerator-black-board/

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  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    Beckie - wow! Thank you tons!!! So loving comments from the big girls! lol!!
  • Laurie Jonesboro, AR
    What a great idea! I may try to copy this. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • Becky Blair, NE
    Brenda, it's awesome. I absolutely love it. The magnets are a great idea...just in case...I did notice your fridge opens away from the kitchen. Is that on purpose? I know any fridge we've every had, other than the side by side we have now, the doors
  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    Becky, hmmmmm.... I vaguely remember discussing how the fridge opened when we first got it. I don't remember what our reason was, or even if there was a reason it opens the other way! And now that you mention it, it seems like opening towards the
  • Becky Blair, NE
    I thought maybe there was a reason it opened that way, like your dining room or a family room and it being easier to grab drinks with it opening that way. I'm sure you're so used to it now that it would be weird to have it open toward your kitchen now.
  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    You are so right! We are creatures of habit!
  • MaryAnn D Ocala, FL
    Great idea
  • Beth B Morris, NY
  • Loving this idea ... heading to the blog for more!
  • Such a great idea- I love it!!!
  • Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    Love this idea! With that wide of framing tho', I'm wondering what kind of magnets you used to hold that kind of weight? And how many? Surely it wasn't the craft magnet strips, was it?
  • Brenda M Pittsburgh, PA
    Patricia Morse - nope, no craft magnets. I had to go through a company called K&J Magnetics. (link is on my blog post) They are super strong and are actually attached to the boards with screws. They haven't budged!!!
  • Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    Oh, thanks so much! I knew they had to be good stong magnets to hold that weight. K & J, here I come!
  • Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    I'm back! I went to K & J Mag. and found various magnets. Are yours the rectangular ones, ZB8 @ $1.78 each? How many did it take to hold all your trim?
  • Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    Guess I should have checked your blog first before heading to K & J..... Now I see your magnets. Thanks so much! Great idea which looks nice, too!