• Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    I think my wife would tell you I am a lost cause. Even this would not keep my clothes off the floor, I'm afraid. But it looks nice.
  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    This is awesome! Somehow I missed it when you first posted it.
  • LandlightS
    LandlightS Roswell, GA
    Nothing to do with this post........except, when I left Buffalo to move to Greenwich Village some many years ago, my mother (may she rest in peace) to me to make sure that my apartment had a big hole in the floor !!!!!
  • FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna
    Haha @LandlightS, that's hilarious!!!
  • Marilyn G
    Marilyn G Lubbock, TX
    To be honest, I think this looks 'tacky'! Nothing ingenious about it, other than just being too lazy to hang up your clothes!!
  • Janet Flannery
    Janet Flannery Enville, TN
    WOW!! Marilyn, I really hope that was a somewhat sarcastic attempt at being funny and not just some mean spirited comment you thought you'd throw out there for whatever reason. Donna is one of the TOP DIY bloggers and all of her "JUNK" looks amazing!
  • Sherry Goolsby
    Sherry Goolsby Richland, MS
    In my case,I have to agree with Janet. There's just not enough room to HANG-UP all of my clothes,as much as I would like that. This is a great alternative for jackets and favorite jeans.
  • Marilyn G
    Marilyn G Lubbock, TX
    Janet, I wasn't trying to be sarcastic at all...I just stated my thought on the idea!
  • Meggan Stewart
    Meggan Stewart Redwood Falls, MN
    I could see it working for hats, or purses or even coats or jackets, but hanging up jeans or shirts all pell mell on the wall like that does not sound appealing to my taste...but whatever works for you!
  • Michele A
    Amazing! I love all the hooks you used and the wall came out incredible!!
  • Catherine Westergaard
    Might be kind of fun to do in a mud room as well (don't have one of those here in the southwest, but I can imagine :) I bought some neat wood advertising hangers from some old local businesses that would look really cute this way! Like your "out of the
FunkyJunk Interiors - Donna