Rustic Mirror Tutorial

Awesome Remodels 01.09.16
My dad gave me some old rough-edged cedar and walnut from his barn, and I really wanted to make a large mirror. I had a 2' x 3' plate mirror handy, and gave it a shot. Sadly the walnut was about 1/4" thinner than the cedar and I tightened the mirror clips too tight. I had just enough time to drag it inside and get the hubs' to admire it before CRASH! it shattered all over the floor. Awesome. I snagged another mirror for $20 off CL and started again, this time shimming the walnut so the mirror wasn't being pulled down. It's held up much better! I salvaged some hanging wire from a large old picture I removed from a frame and it's now ready for the wall! The hard part is deciding where....

Full step-by-step tutorial is available on my blog

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