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Industrial Appliance Cart

Repurposed Carts 5 days ago
I was searching for something to provide attractive, easy storage for all my small kitchen appliances without cluttering up the countertops. After seeing something similar online, I was inspired to build a simple storage rack out of 2x12's and galvanized pipe and flanges. It was exactly what I needed! Now all my doodads are hidden away in my adjacent laundry room without looking overly cluttered or chaotic. I spent $200 in materials, and ordered my plumbing from Ron's online (http://www.ronshomeandhardware.com/511-603HC-1-2-Galvanized-Floor-Flange-p/446903.htm and http://www.ronshomeandhardware.com/563-180HC...). Check out the step-by-step tutorial on my blog.

*note* this is a very "tippy" cart. I decided to anchor mine to the wall with L-brackets to keep it from falling on my toddler. You can make it wider or shorter to prevent this, or nix the castors and anchor it to the wall.

To see more: http://www.killerbdesigns.com/industrial-appliance-cart/

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Brooke N

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