• Pamela F
    Beautiful very festive
  • MaryAnn D
    MaryAnn D Ocala, FL
    I cannot wait for fall this is so nice thanks
  • Jan M
    Jan M Toledo, OR
    Its beautiful, I love the fall colors, I am so excited for Fall, just like I will be when its winter and spring. Love the changes in the seasons.
  • Cherie M
    Cherie M Little Suamico, WI
    very very nice, Not cheesey like you see some that are just fake, yours is put together very nice my Dear.
  • D P
    D P Grand Rapids, MI
    Wow! That's some fireplace! even naked its would be gorgeous! Love the designing here, where did you find the framed print?
  • Adventures in Decorating
    Thank you all so very, very much for your thoughtful comments! DP, I found the framed print at Tuesday Morning.
  • Charlene Hansen
    Wow I love this! I miss my fireplace. I think we need to put one in this home. I want to copy this.
  • Eva Barker Beaule
    Eva Barker Beaule Mendota, VA
    Just lovely.
  • Carol Maurer
    Carol Maurer Eureka, CA
    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! I don't have a mantle, but I can use some of this elsewhere. I'm feeling very 'autumnly' right now.
  • Adventures in Decorating
    Thank you so much, Charlene, Eva and Carol! And, yes, even if you don't have a mantel ... it's fun and easy to create one out of a shelf with corbels! Happy Fall!
  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift
    Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
    Absolutely beautiful! Don't you just love fall?
  • Adventures in Decorating
    Thanks so much, Pat ... and, YES, I sure do !!
  • Sharon B
    Sharon B Green Bay, WI
    This is so pretty and love the touch of the fireplace again on top. I have a fake one and decorated it for Halloween but taking all down to just decorate for Fall....love all u do. Here is my fireplace and have some great storage ideas for a
  • Adventures in Decorating
    I love your mantel, Sharon! So fun and festive! I look forward to seeing what you do for Christmas! And, you have a wonderfully organized space, too. Love your ideas ... thanks for sharing!
  • Sharon B
    Sharon B Green Bay, WI
    I will make sure I post, in the process of redoing for Fall and Thanksgiving, will post my mantel for that soon......Xmas, wow.....been drawing ideas in my head.....problem is too many to choose from but I figured this out, why not change it off right, u
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