How to get gross smells out of old furniture

Home fix it tips 03.28.16
Actually, the better title might be, "How do you get the 'dead' smell out of furniture?

But don't call the cops on me; this question came from the cops, a CSI friend of mine.

She wrote: "You can imagine that crime scene investigators like me get interesting questions. However, tonight's, though forensically sound, is more appropriate for my Atta Girls. Neighbor: "How do you get the smell of 'dead' out of furniture?" Seems a 78-year-old, sentimental chest of drawers in her garage became home to a decaying critter without her immediate knowledge. She's tried Fabreeze and bleach, which not only didn't work, but also warped a thin, wood packing crate her father used to craft the piece. Any suggestions?"

I gave my pal some suggestions for getting the stench out of old furniture and thrift store finds, which you can read on my blog, Atta Girl Says. But I also wanted to post the query here at Hometalk.

What are your solutions for removing gross from furniture?


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  • Judi

  • Dee
    Dee Canada
    Well, when I bought a very old house from an estate there was coal in the basement. Apparently it was placed there because the 'something' that died in the house was the previous owner. The coal apparently absorbs the odor (it did work, 'cause the house
  • Jane Brenning
    Jane Brenning Grantham, NH
    clean it like the others said then put a couple coats of polyurethane on it.
  • Espie Tamayo
    Espie Tamayo Hurst, TX
    Some rolled up newspaper placed in drawers. Leave for at least a week. Also charcoal might work. Good luck.
  • Shirley
    Shirley Kingsland, TX
    On this note, I have a brand new (four months old) Lazyboy leather recliner that has smelled (leather smell) to high heaven.since purchase. I like the smell of leather, but this is too much. Vendor couldn't help. I really like the chair so didn't want to
  • Connie Phillips
    Nooo...don't ever give up on a quilt! There are several new products on the market that are amazing. I try to go the natural route first but I admit I have a "thing" for cleaning products. One product that I picked up at Winners recently is a spray
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