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Small backyard? This "spool" is the perfect solution

2 hours ago
This spa / pool is the perfect solution for a backyard that is too small for a pool. This client wanted a pool or a water feature a patio and a fun place to entertain. Our idea was to create this spool, which can stay cool during hot summer days and heated up on a cool evening. Add a waterfall and a gas fire pit and this place is party central! Read more about is project in HOUSE Magazine
Time: 4 Weeks Cost: $70000 Difficulty: Challenging

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  • Stacey Sibley
    Stacey Sibley Fort Worth, TX

    for $70k you could have a real pool

  • Elizabeth Birk Marcheschi

    So, just curious, where did the $70k go in the project? some locations are much more expensive to build so that could be part of it. I'm just curious...

    • Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts"
      Deck and Patio Company... Huntington Station, NY

      @Thanks for asking Elizabeth Birk Marcheschi! It's approx 12' long and 7-8' wide and is basically a very small vinyl swimming pool with several extra Jacuzzi jets. It has 2 water pumps for the jets, 1 water pump for the waterfall, 1 air pump and a

  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA

    This place looks absolutely mesmerizing. With a backyard like this who needs a house. :) Thank you so much for sharing the amazing pictures and the wonderful idea with everyone here. I would love to add these at my place as well. Thanks again.

  • Hotchkiss Lory
    Hotchkiss Lory Warner Robins, GA

    I would love that here in GA!! Lovely, and I don't have $70k .. I might could swing a good bit less on extras.

    • Deck and Patio Company "Outdoor Living Experts"
      Deck and Patio Company... Huntington Station, NY

      @Hotchkiss Lory You might want to check with your local landscaping firms to see what they can do for you. Costs are no doubt less in your area compared to New York. Keep us posted!

  • Marlene Burr

    Nice but come on...70.000$??
    In times like these where people gain a lot knowledge in "do it yourself" projects thanks to Pinterest and co,this seems a little bit to much.No defense but just saying