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Upcycled Jack-O-Latern

on Sep 10, 2012
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To simplify my fall decore, I'm tossing month specific items like turkeys and jack-o-laterns. Of course I give second changes. This is a jack-o-latern lamp from Wal-Mart. I removed the light hardware. This removed the cord issue. Then I printed a nice letter stencil and transferred it with a Sharpie to the back of the pumpkin. Most monogrammed pumpkins at the stores run about $30. This one was free!

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  • Donna R
    Donna R Lumberton, TX

    I've always put out all Fall decor together. I figure turkeys, scarecrows and pumpkins are a fall theme and fall colors. I've always turned the pumpkins around to the plain side after Halloween. Your monogram pumpkin is so cute. Yes, they can be