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  • Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Hummmm! Now that's a tuffy!! Each one is their own distinctive look. I loved the stencil design - it was different, BUT, I really like this one too!! 50/50 - how's that!!
  • Kel C Fort Collins, CO
    I like the whitewash! I think I'll do one too.
  • Katrina R Brockport, NY
    I'm with Susan, they are both very nice. However I think I lean slightly towards the driftwood. It feels "right" to me with the lines of the table.
  • Thanks, guys. Susan, you are very diplomatic. ;)
  • DIY Show Off Pittsburgh, PA
    So pretty, Sheila! Love the driftwood look but the combination is gorgeous!
  • I love the driftwood! I loved the stencil until you painted it this way! Great job!
  • Connie Hardison Lewisburg, KY
    Like the driftwood best!
  • Thanks, everyone! :)
  • Richonda D Spring Hill, FL
    I'm all about the "beachy" look, love it!