DIY beachy buoys.

I had seen some of these cute beachy buoys in a shop and wanted to try a DIY version.
This is what we came up with.
We had some cedar logs in the backyard so that's what we used.
Kent cut the logs with a chain saw, first he cut the point then shaped the sides to a rough square.
Then he cut to length. We went with about 15-18 inches.
Random is the key, you don't want them to look to perfect.
We painted the rough surface with a good primer, then gave them a coat of white paint. After that I freehand painted the stripes . I didn't worry about being to neat, it looks more interesting and folky that way.
Kent drilled a hole big enough to put a 1/2" rope through.
After the stripes were good and dry we sanded back some of the paint exposing areas of raw wood. This gave them a nice soft worn look.
Finally we put rope through and tied them off.
I think they are fun, nautical and beachy !
What do you think?
#SpringColors #Love2Repurpose, #Recycle
Time: 60 Minutes Cost: $10.00 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://cynthiaweber.com/easy-diy-beachy-buoys/

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  • Kacey Cedar Grove, NJ
    This looks easy ! I am going to try it!
  • Pat S Titusville, FL
    love them!!
  • Hi Kacey, it was easy!
  • Hi Pat, glad you like them!
  • Thanks Karen - The Graphics Fairy , They were fun to make and I use them a lot for beachy displays inside and out!
  • Chris aka monkey Mount Pleasant, TN
    they are not crap for sure lol they are fab xx