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Okay my front door was all chocolate brown, It seemed boring to me so I decided to add some color and numbers.

Seemingly it turned out good. Our front door is open there is no covering.We actually like it. I dont want to add curtains unless sheer or blinds because it takes away from the door. So I found this iron piece that I can mount to the outside and the piece is beautiful. My only worry is will it be too much and once I mount it to the glass there is no turning back. Should I mount it or leave the door decorated as I have done it ? Thank you for all the input:) Also the mirror will be removed from the center
  • Willow House | Simply Good Design
    Willow House | Simply... Cartersville, GA

    Love the door -- especially the pop of red. I don't have any suggestions on mounting that iron piece, but it would sure look amazing!

  • Murals by Monti
    Murals by Monti Oceanside, CA

    This is a great use of color. What a difference just a touch of red makes!

  • Tasha W
    Tasha W Hiram, GA

    Thanks sooooo much guys.. Still haven't mounted it. I'm nervous lol.. Be as soon as I do pics will be updated;)

  • Paticia G
    Paticia G Clermont, FL

    love the metal piece but not sure I would like it on the door also remember it will make cleaning the glass on the outside of the the door difficult

  • Vicki Anderson Pocopanni
    Vicki Anderson Pocopanni Birmingham, AL

    Tasha, revisiting... I was looking at that piece and had an idea you might want to consider if you already have not. Since you got so many compliments already on the door, maybe it is best left as it is. That piece is so ornate I am thinking it