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Livingroom remodel

This "window" is between my livingroom and hallway. My house was built in the 70s and this makes it look so dated. What should I do with it??
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  • Ghislaine A
    Ghislaine A Tampa, FL

    Design a stained glass window.

  • Terry
    Terry Lees Summit, MO

    I had 2 of these exactly the same between my kitchen and living room, I hated them. You only have 1 so just knock out the spindles and open it up. If you have a saw, cut through the spindle centers and pull them out. If not, just take a hammer to the

  • Hamtil Construction LLC
    Hamtil Construction LLC Saint Louis, MO

    I might either:
    - Take it all down, frame the hole with studs and drywall it.
    - Install a couple of shelves for photos and such, then maybe just drywall one side?
    - open it up all the way down to the floor and make a passageway if needed.

  • BlueLine Home Maintenance & Remodeling

    Depends on whether you want to open this wall up IF it's not load bearing! Another idea we used in a home in Macksville, KS was a unique 'window' from offices behind into the family room downstairs. IF you can shore up the exisiting opening to hold

  • Vicki McDonald
    Vicki McDonald Normal, IL

    I had that in a former house and I just took out the spindles and hung some plants. It gave it a divider effect but was still open and airy.

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