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I love collecting many things including colanders

River birch tree filled with my colander/planters... used coffee filters and coco liners to hold in the moisture so flowers can grow.

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  • Z
    on Sep 13, 2012

    CeeJai, what a neat idea! I love it.

  • Vicki
    Vicki Smyrna, GA
    on Sep 13, 2012

    love it. can spray color on the colander. also, saw somewhere for hanging light w/ colander. can not remmy where

  • Dee W
    Dee W Senecaville, OH
    on Sep 13, 2012

    How wonderful-I like how you have them arranged.

  • CeeJai
    CeeJai Stockbridge, GA
    on Sep 13, 2012

    At times I hang them on my front porch too... Vicki one of the colanders is black and another one is light blue but they came that way... I'm sure the right spray paint would work.

  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    on Sep 13, 2012

    these are cute :)

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