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DIY Fall Leaf Bowl

Simple craft using leaves from your yard creates a fun DIY centerpiece to your FALL decor. You'll need leaves, a balloon and some glue and you can create this fun DIY Fall Leaf Bowl. This is a great craft for kids too. Send them out to collect the most colorful leaves and let them get their hands gooey with the glue or mod podge. They will love to see how the finished product displayed on the mantel or as the center piece of your Thanksgiving table.
The finished leaf bowl
Using a balloon, leaves and glue, add each leaf to the bottom of the balloon creating a bowl like shape.
Load up the glue and let dry. Its important that the leaves are completely dry before popping the balloon. If you pop before the leaves are dry, then the bowl will collapse.

To see more: http://www.madewithhappy.com/diy-leaf-bowl/

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