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Thanksgiving Tree

Last weekend I made my version of a Thanksgiving tree for our family. This one is going to double as the centerpiece on our table, and I worked it into the place card holders as well.
I started with a simple and branches
Next, I made a little packet for each guest that will be placed at their seat. To keep it simple (and inexpensive) I used 3 x 5 brown paper bags. Each bag includes three leaf cut-outs, a mini pencil, three mini clothespins, and printed instructions on what to do.
For decoration, I used gold leaf stickers that I found in the Martha Stewart Collection at Michaels. When I ventured over to the Christmas aisles, I also found chalkboard label clothespins that came in packs of seven. I knew they would be perfect for clipping the bags shut and for displaying each guests name. I'm guessing they were intended to be Christmas tree ornaments because they had tiny holes drilled at the top. I strung some twine through the hole and finished it off with a little bow. On each one I wrote a guests name using a chalkboard paint pen.
The idea is that these little packets will first serve as place card holders at our Thanksgiving table.
When everyone is ready to sit down to eat, they will find their name and open the packet. The instructions, which I simply made on the computer and printed out at home, tell the guests to write one thing on each leaf that they are thankful for.
Then they will use the clothespins to pin each of their leaves to the branches in the center of the table.
By the time each guest pins their leaves to the tree, we will have a nice full centerpiece. I couldn't wait until Thanksgiving to see what it was going to look like, so I pinned several leaves on just to get an idea.
I made my leaf cut-outs three different colors and it looks pretty to see the variation on the tree. Now I'm feeling super excited for Thanksgiving. And who knows, maybe our tree will become a new family tradition! More on the blog....

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  • Michelle Perry Cichon
    Michelle Perry Cichon Utica, MI
    on Nov 15, 2014

    I love this! will do this next year for sure!

  • Candy
    Candy Attleboro, MA
    on Nov 16, 2014

    I am using this idea this year along with my pumpkin tree. Thanks! Candy MA

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